How You Can Help Your Toddler Speak!

17 Oct How You Can Help Your Toddler Speak!



Attention Mom and Dad! 


You can have a profound difference on your toddler’s speech and 

language development by following these simple ideas.


Make Learning to Speak Fun!

We all love to do things that are fun; toddlers included.  Find ways to make speaking exciting and enjoyable for your toddler.  You may invite her to bake a cake with you while you point out all the appliances and ingredients, or you can join her on the playroom floor and play some of her games while chatting.

Give your Toddler Time.

Aren’t we all used to getting our words in edgewise in adult conversation, because you are expected to respond fast?  Well, for our developing toddlers, they need their time.  Demonstrate patience when talking with them and allow them 10-15 seconds to answer or respond to your question/statement.

Don’t overload!

Keep conversations with your toddler simple and straightforward.

Allow Exposure.

Allow for exposure to new opportunities and words. Take your child into new environments so that he/she has the chance to learn and experience new things.

Go Grammar!

Show your understanding while giving grammatical input! It’s never too early to teach your toddler good sentence structure….just keep it simple.  When you toddler says “Mommy eat banana”, you can respond “ That’s right – Mommy is eating a banana!”

Encourage Understanding.

Help your child understand what you mean by pairing your speech with an action. For example, you may say, “Mommy’s taking off her shoes” while removing your shoes at the same time.

Be a sports announcer!

You got it — this is your license to just talk and talk.    Do this in two ways:

  1. Talk about what you are doing, seeing, eating, feeling. While taking a walk outdoors, you might say “I see a kitty cat.”  Or, while eating a sandwich, say “I am eating bread”.  Keep the dialogue running to help your child learn words and understand their meaning.
  2. Talk about what your toddler is doing. Put the spotlight on your toddler from time to time too by verbalizing their actions, or commenting on their world.  You may say “Your doll is wearing a dress”  or “You are eating an apple”


By using these strategies, you are giving your child the best chance of

developing language that is both rich and functional.  


Join the fun and best of luck!

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