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Multimedia Training Program Pretest: Participants


Welcome to the Pre-test! Prior to watching the multimedia training, please read through the pretest and rate your level of knowledge and preparedness of core language teaching utilizing the multiple choice questions below.  Please choose the response(s) that best represents your knowledge regarding each question.

Which one best describes core vocabulary ?

Which type of vocabulary should be emphasized in AAC intervention ?

What are some essential qualities for communicating with a child with AAC needs ?

Sara, a 3 year old girl with AAC needs secondary to a developmental disability is trying to communicate to her mother what she wants to eat for dinner.  She currently uses a voice output high-tech device.  Which would be the most helpful for parents to respond in this scenario ?

Typical feelings that I experience when communicating with my child with AAC needs are: (Check all that apply)

Which best describes your feelings of frustration (if any) when communicating with your young child with AAC needs ?

How important do you feel teaching your child to communicate using high frequency (core vocabulary) words is ?

What is the best method to implement core language teaching at home ?

What is the best method to create communication opportunities for your child at home ?

Any additional comments :

Thank you for your time.

You will now be automatically routed to the online module.

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