Quiz for Module #1

Please select the correct answer:


For each question you can put 1 of these 4 choices:
1. Core Language Teaching
2. Core Vocabulary
3. Aided Language Stimulation
4. Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Debby is selecting frequently used words on her AAC system to convey the following message to her Dad, “I go store today.” Debby is using ___________ to communicate.


Michael’s mother is asking him how he is feeling today. She uses his AAC system to model the following message, “How are you feeling?” This would be an example of ____________.

Sara’s mother provides her with access to frequently used words and continues to add more words to her AAC system as she begins to learn the previously introduced set of words. Her Mom makes sure to provide opportunities for Sara to communicate with the words she introduces. This would be an example of _______________.

Ken is using a communication board to tell his Mom that he would like to have chicken for dinner. Ken is talking using ____________.

Thank you for completing the Quiz for Module #1. You will now proceed to Module #2.

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